Ravens player reaches out to help a local family

Posted: 11:29 PM
Last Updated: 1 hour and 50 minutes ago

Churchville, MD – What does an NFL running back, a college football coach, a high school football coach and a former collegiate player have in common?

“We have a connection as far as being on the football field, just being a part of a great group of guys that love to play sports,” said Ravens running back, Willis McGahee.

Joe Sclafani is a former football player and Ravens fan. In 2009 the c5-c6 disc in his back bulged and compressed his spinal cord. The pressure from the bulging disk along with an infectious abscess left Joe a quadriplegic. Bills started to mount and for Joe, his wife Monica and their two daughters, living in a home not handicapped accessible made life even more difficult.

“We are in desperate need of these renovations to our home to make it livable to make our lives normal, “explained Joe.

Joe played high school football at Loyola and collegiately at Towson University, but during his playing days he had no way of knowing that the football he played would be the tie that binds his recovery and coping with the paralysis that he now faces.

“In the spring before my senior year, dislocated hip, fractured pelvis, I didn’t get a chance to play football anymore. And I’m the poster child for you’d better get everything you can get out of it right now, because it can be taken away from you in a heartbeat,” said Rob Ambrose, football coach at Towson University.

Rob got in touch with Reservoir High School football coach Rick Trott, who got in touch with friend Willis McGahee, who got in touch with area realtors. This link will do a makeover on Joe’s home to make it accessible to his needs.

“They’ll see their daddy not confined to a medical bed or a wheelchair, they’ll see daddy in a wide open space interacting with them,” said Joe.